Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Wiki

This is our chat policy, not reading them is not an excuse for breaking them.

Our Chat Policy

  • You may talk about random subjects in chat but nothing disrespectful.
  • No spoilers allows unless you out in the front of your message SPOILER ALERT:
  • Use explicit language multiple times, there may be younger children here.
  • Do not share any personal info.
  • Do not impersonate any user.
  • Absolutely no profanity or inappropriate language.
  • No inappropriate topics
  • Be careful with giving out personal information
  • Do not offend users
  • Do not scare users
  • Do not put down other users
  • No cyberbullying (no name calling, making fun of, bullying, intimidating)
  • Do not talk about any disturbing topics
  • Do not spam in chat!
  • Agree to disagree
  • Accept the opinions of others
  • If you ever feel uncomfortable about a certain topic being discussed, politely tell the user. If a user tells you this please respect their feelings and try to change the topic. However, the uncomfortable user should also make the option to leave chat open. If you are uncomfortable, just excuse yourself for a little while.
  • If someone is bothering you, quickly find a chat moderator and tell them or leave the chat and send an chat moderator or admin a message on their wall.

If you do not agree with any of the rules or wish to add something, ask one of the admins.

Chat Warning/Blocking Rules

  1. Every user will start off with a warning if they break a rule. Depending on the severeness of the problem, they will also be kicked out of the chat.
  2. If the user comes back and continues to act up, they will be banned.

  *If you have anymore questions about this, please contact: Silly1!Nada mohamedJunatina or Perfectdisasters.