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Dr. Fields is Anthony, Nick and Alexander's dentist in the book and the 1990 T.V. Special. He is voiced by William Bogert.

In the T.V. special, Alexander's mom takes her three boys to the dentist after school. During Alexander's appointment, Dr. Fields forces Alexander to sit still for 30 seconds for messing around with the toothpaste, dental chair, and tray. Alexander then asks him why he has all that hair growing out of his nose and Dr. Fields laughs and tells him that he has to grow it somewhere and asks Alexander to open his mouth super wide.

Dr. Fields tells Alexander's mom that Anthony and Nick have fine teeth, but that Alexander has a cavity and tells Alexander to come back next week so he can fix it. Alexander responds telling him "Next week, I'm going to Australia."

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Fields was never seen in the movie.
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