Hard and Easy is an Uncoming 2015 Comedy Flim Directed by Andy Latchman,Written By Valerine Rose,Produced by Sally Berglund and Distributed by 20th Century Dylan Productions.The Movie Centers a Young 11 Year old Facing the Biggest Fear of his Life and Doing things he never done before and but soon things are not Easy as it Turns Hard.The Flim Stars Anthony Fernando,Adanna Latchman,Antonio Fernando,Andre Latchman and Nigel Latchman.


A Young 11 Year old Tom(Anthony Fernando) Faces teh Biggest Fear of his Life and things he never done in his life,but soon things are easy but then Turn Hard.Tom,s Friends must Help Tom to Regard the Wills and Prove a Point or he will become Quiet for the Rest of his Life.


  • Anthony Fernando as Tom-A 11 Year Old who is quiet.
  • Adanna Latchman as Samantha-Tom,s Best Friend.
  • Amanda Latchman as Jessica-Tom,s Enemy.
  • Andre Latchman as James-Jessica,s Younger Brother.
  • Nigel Latchman as Ben-Tom,s Father.


Casting Began on January 2014 and Ended on March 2014.Development began in April 2014.Fliming began on May 23 2014 and Ended on October 10 2014.It will make its Comedy Movies Premiere on October 27 2014 with a Internet Release on November 30 2014,A DylanMovies Premiere on December 17 2014 and a DVD Release in January 2015.

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