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Mrs. Dickens is Alexander's school teacher in the book and the 1990 T.V. special. She is voiced by Stephanie Maddin.

In the 1990 special, Mrs. Dickens likes Paul's drawing of a sailboat and they hang it up on the bulletin board together. When she asks Alexander what he is drawing, he lies and tells her that he already drew an invisible castle (which is actually just a blank sheet of paper) and she crosses her arms in anger while his friends laugh and make fun of him.

During singing time, she tells Amy that she sang very nice and that it's Alexander's turn to sing. He sings "roll" and "Mary Lee" while he sings "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and Mrs. Dickens criticizes him for singing too loud while his friends continue to tease him. During counting time, she tells her class to count backwards faster, but tells Alexander that he left out the number 16, to which he replies "Who needs sixteen?"

Trivia Edit

  • Mrs. Dickens was never seen in the movie.
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