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Ms. Suggs is a secondary antagonist of Disney's 2014 live-action adaptation of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Physical Appearance[]

Ms. Suggs has blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin.



Ms. Suggs works as an automotive test appraiser's guide in the Los Angeles Vehicle Department. In the film, she meets Anthony as the first student, she realizes that Anthony walks under the speed limit, and she tells him to do only a few common directions. It is touched that Anthony's cell phone is vibrated by Celia's call, and she has a sarcastic and optimistic personality, whether or not Anthony can attend Celia. He picks up and Suggs sends him off because of the start of the "terrible" day, Anthony does not see forward that he is against and Anthony desperately breaks all the parking meters of the avenue, and returns to the parking lot. Suggs startled, Anthony says that she lied to him to answer calls during exams and transits.

Angry, Suggs already reproves Anthony for the "terrible" day, and sends him out on time. But when Anthony opens the car door to get out, an unruly car runs over and pulls out the door, Anthony and she are nervous with Alexander for the "terrible" day.


Ms. Suggs was born in a Thursday, January 13, 1972, in Los Angeles.