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Paul is Alexander's former best friend in the book and the 1990 T.V. special. He is voiced by Buddy Smith.

In the special, Paul has brown hair that hangs over his right eye. His teacher Mrs. Dickens loves his drawing of a sailboat and they hang it up on the bulletin board together. During recess, while he's playing Monkey in the Middle with his friends Philip Parker and Albert Moyo, Alexander asks politely if he can play, but Paul refuses to let him join and rudely tells Alexander along with Philip and Albert to give them the ball back.

While he's on the monkey bars, Alexander blocks him and he asks Alexander to move, but Alexander refuses and asks him why he keeps playing with the boys instead of his best friend and Paul tells Alexander that they are not best friends anymore. During lunch, his mother gives him a piece of jelly roll with little coconut sprinkles on top for dessert.

While he and his friends are getting ready to go home, he asks Alexander if he wants to play football with them, but Alexander declines saying that he has to go to the dentist and Paul, Albert and Philip tease him and laugh when they walk out and close the door on him.

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