I'm Paris♫ The girl with big dreams and fairytale wishing.  I love to sing and act, and I live to read! I've been a Disney fan ever since I was a baby. My first favorite show was probably Wizards of Waverly Place. I also was a huge HSM fan(: Since I am older now, I don't watch Disney channel as much as before, but I have acknowledged most of the new shows. Honestly tho, I wish that they still air old Disney shows, you know, for the 'older' fans. But I do like some new shows too. I enjoy watching Austin&Ally, Lab Rats, ANT Farm and Kickin' It. But those are basically the only Disney shows that I still enjoy. Aha, since I am older, I've moved on to more 'teen rated' shows. With this move, I found myself fallen in love with Pretty Little Liars! The show is so suspenseful, and thrilling. It's very mysterious and remarkably breathtaking. Anyways, let's move on to my book obsession. I am a book freak, mainly leaning towards the Percy Jackson fandom. And let's just say, my fandom isn't pretty. We may appear as people who are obsessed with greek mythology and pairings from the books, but in reality, we're crazy. We cry over the littlest things, and we call our author/fandom creator a troll. We literally make the weirdest edits and have the strangest jokes. But, aside from all of that, we're caring for one another, and we do our best not to have shipping-wars. (I ship Percabeth, Jiper & Leyna). Aha, moving on to Nickelodeon. I'm not a big fan of it, as I am with Disney, but I do enjoy the shows and find it hilarious. The shows I am fond of are probably iCarly, Victorious and How To Rock. To be honest though, I haven't watched any of the newest Nick shows. Prior to my PLL obsession, I used to be a huge Gleek. The show was hilarious and I loved it. Plus, I love singing and their voices are amazing! But then, they began replacing some characters with new ones and I didn't like it, so I stopped watching Glee. After Glee, I moved onto The Vampire Diaries (my cousin showed me this). It was marvelous! I loved each character and I absolutely adore the plotline for it. So anyways, during the wait for the new season, I took interest in PLL, and that's how I got addicted. I began watching the first episode, finding it very enjoyable, loving how each character gets introduced, how it shows flashbacks of an old best friend and then the ending of the episode tied it all together. I love this show, even the plot twists every 5 minutes haha(: Let's talk about my appearance, hmm...I'm a shortie, I have redish-brownish hair, naturally black. I'm from the Philippines and I'm Canadian, Eh? Yeah, let's not go there. Aha, now with social life. I'm friends with a lot of people. Guys and girls. I don't have any enemies (which is a relief) and I don't specifically 'hate' anyone, but I do dislike many people. I can easily talk to anyone MY age most of the time. Other times though, I can have poor socializing skills. I have an okay self-esteem, I can handle talking to my whole class, and handle talking to my whole school basically, but I get really nervous doing it, and I do hesitate and stutter, sometimes. I'm actually quite close with a lot of my friends, and we're all on a good friendly basis. My best friends though, are on a whole different level. We laugh so hard, we can't even breath. We have the weirdest and strangest inside jokes, and we tease each other, a lot. We share most of the same ships and fangirl over the moments we see. I'm more of a NEED TO SEE RIGHT AWAY person, so once I found out what our ship status are, I immediately tell them. So anyways, that's basically me... I hope you enjoyed that 'little' note about myself.
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