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This newsletter contains fun polls, opinions on this month's actor/actress, Krazy Komics, new ideas for the wiki, latest news on the movie and wiki!

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Opinions on this month's actress

Bella Thorne!

Bella Throne is the actress we've been talking about and these three lucky users shared their opinion, see below this useless comment! :)

I think Bella Thorne is one of the greatest actresses, singers AND dancers, she's a very great person to look up to and an amazing idol, i think of her as a fun soul, a crazy person and it would be Am-Azing to hang out with her (if i can lolz :P) and i want to see her in this movie and her other upcoming projects soo bad. ;) ~Nada Mohamed

Bella Thorne is such an inspiration. She has dyslexia, but she is so strong for holding on, and didn't let her condition affect her career. Even though she's growing up, she's still keeping touch with her young and wild side, and remains herself. She doesn't let others bring her down, nor does she let hate affect her. Bella is an amazing singer, a phenomenal actress and no words can explain how great she is at dancing. She is fun-loving, head-strong, and she is very smart for someone dyslexic. The reason she is such an inspiration goes long-past the amount listed here. I love her, and I can't wait to see her career take a high road in her upcoming roles (:


Latest News of The Movie

  • The movie is officially coming out on October 10!

Latest News of The Wiki

  • Make sure to put your nominations for this month' featured voting
  • Our third newsletter is coming out soon!

Krazy Komics!

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By Junatina

Fun Polls!

Well everybody thanks for reading the newsletter, I hoped you liked it. Share your opinion below in the comments. C:

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